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New, enhanced tracking feature is here!

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

We’ve had a fantastic response to our SleepWellBaby tracking feature to date, including some incredible feedback and suggestions from parents using the app as well as many of you at Tresillian – and we’ve been gratefully listening!  Thank you to all who have helped us get here – you know who you are but special thanks to Debbie Stockton, Jacqui Walker, Sharon Donaldson and Ann DeBelin.

We appreciate that tracking isn’t for everyone, but this new addition will really help those who do track and use this as their ‘virtual memory’. Here are some of the exciting additions to be aware of:

  • 2 tracking modes available: Keep it simple or dial up the detail with our enhanced tracking depending on your preference simple or detailed modes available.

  • Feed tracking enhancements: Keep it simple or dial up the detail with our enhanced tracking depending on your preference simple or detailed modes available.

  1. Breastfeeding – Keep track of feeding on either side. This new feature supports breastfeeding mothers keep track of more detail via this ‘virtual memory’

  2. Solids – Provides the ability to track specific ingredients and consistencies 

  3. Bottle feeding – Breast, or formula milk options for feed tracking

  • Sleep tracking enhancements

  1. Recognise and track your baby’s Sleep cues

  2. Keep tabs on night waking – this will help remind parents this is normal and to reflect on the reality of night waking if they chose to when it can often seem that their babies are waking more frequently than they are. 

  3. Settling comments - Reflect on ease of settling. This is an opportunity for parents to reflect on how settling went and consider what went well? Why? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will I lose any of my data? 😢 A. No. None of your data will be lost in the transition to the new tracking enhancements. Anything you were tracking at the time of the change will continue tracking until complete and then saved as normal. If you do encounter any issues with your data in this transition just get in touch and let us know. We will be able to help! To contact us just shake your phone and use our in-app feedback program “Instabug” or email us via 😊

Q. How do I access the new tracking feature? A. The new tracking feature is now available to all users of the SWB app via the “Timer” icon in the centre of the base navigation. You just need to choose which mode is right for you and your baby – simple or detailed – and then track your activities from there.

Q. How do I access my previous data entries? A. You can view all your previous entries in one of two ways:

  1. Under the “Progress’ section under the “All entries” tab OR

  2. Under the “View all entries” button on the tracking home page.

Q. Can I track which side I last breastfed from? A. Yes. SWB’s new tracking feature further supports breastfeeding mothers by enabling you to track how long you feed on each breast and keeps track of the last breast you fed from. 

Q. Wil I be able to see all of this new tracking in my progress charts? A. Not yet though this will be available in the future. Meanwhile, all entries are accessible via the “View all entries” button on the tracking home screen or via the “all entries” tab in the progress section.

Q. When will nappy tracking be available? A. We are very excited to soon be releasing nappy tracking which has been another much-requested feature from our SWB parents! Watch this space! We hope to be launching this feature in the coming weeks. You will all be the first to know!

Q. Are there any other new feature developments or launches coming up? A. Always! Tresillian and SWB are passionate about delivering the very the best experience and positive outcomes to new parents and families. We thrive on your feedback and will continue to listen, understand your needs and turn this into valuable features and tools to better support families everywhere. 

Have you tried the newest tracking feature? 🌟

Share them in socials and tag as at or if you have any other thoughts on how we can improve them, email us at !

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