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We’re with you every step of the way

Gentle, responsive baby sleep and settling support on call whenever you need it.  

Discover your baby’s natural rhythm and sample routines for your baby’s age and stage. Your secret formula for sleep success for newborns to 3 year old’s.
Need extra help? We’re just a call or click away in the app. 


Everything you need in one app

Tresillian Endorsed Sleep App

Better sleep and settling with our trusted program tailored to your baby’s age

Sleep Schedule Tracking

Track your baby's sleep and feeds. Monitor progress and discover patterns over time

Smart Planner

Plan your baby’s day, discover your baby’s natural rhythm and customise your baby's bedtime routine


Share the love

Share your custom plans and progress with your partner or family in real time!

White Noise, Lullabies & Sleep Sounds

A selection of white noise and lullabies your baby will love!

Baby Settling Tips & Coaching

Over 100 years of sleep and settling expertise at your

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Fantastic Resource!
I’m tracking my feeds and sleeps. I’ve shared it with my mum so she can be part of our journey during isolation. Thank you NSW Health!


What people love about SleepWellBaby

Our subscription plans

The last sleep and settling program you will ever need. Our program changes as your little one grows, so you’re always on top of sleep regressions and nap transitions no matter what age.


  • We hold your hand through the transitions

  • We help you keep track of your baby’s patterns

  • We share the expert knowledge and approach that helps over 60,000 parents every year

  • If you’re based on NSW, thanks to Tresillian’s generosity SleepWellBaby is free for a limited time only.


Monthly Plan

Billed monthly

Premium features
Full support access





Quarterly Plan

Billed every 3 months

Premium features
Full support access




Annual Plan

Billed annually

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We want to care for both baby's and parent's well-being

We are passionate about providing holistic care and support for both parent and child. We understand that having young children can be exhausting and overwhelming and are here to support you in every step of the journey. 

Visit our "Helplines and support" section for tailored support and extra support whenever you need it.
Help really is just a click or call away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SleepWellBaby?

SleepWellBaby is an app-based digital program developed in consultation with Australia’s leading early parenting organisation, Tresillian. We provide evidence-based tips, advice and tools to empower and support parents.

Who is SleepWellBaby for?

SleepWellBaby is designed to support parents with children of the age of 0 to 3 years. We cover some key new parent concerns such as baby sleep and settling, development, feeding and nutrition.

I've seen other apps that do something similar, what sets SleepWellBaby apart?

SleepWellBaby is your one-stop-app with all the age specific tips and tools you need to set your baby up for sleep success:

  • Sample routines and activities

  • Tracking tools 

  • Progress and insight reports

  • Tips and wisdom 

  • White noise and lullabies

Is it safe to enter my family's data?

Absolutely. We take your data and privacy incredibly seriously, so much so that we have secured the highest data certification available. If you have any further queries about our data collection policy, you can read more here or contact us directly on


SleepWellBaby is ISO27001 Certified.


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